Ability to Add/Update Bowling Center Info Now Active

If you are a bowling center owner, you will now be able to add and update your bowling center listings free of charge!

I have added a feature that will allow you to register and submit your bowling centers. This feature can be accessed on the left side of the page by using the "NEW! Submit Your Alley for Free" hyperlink. You can also register for free by using the "User Registration" link in the "For Alley Owners" section on the left side.

In some cases, there is an email address associated with a Strike Spots bowling center listing. These center listings include an email contact form and a note in the "Update Alley Info" section indicating that the center can be updated by the owner. An example can be found here. If you are the center owner, you will be able to log in or retrieve your password if you have forgotten or don't know what your password is.

If your center doesn't have an email address, or you do not receive your password, contact me and I will do what I can to assign a password to you.

As of the present time, center info and hours can be updated. Alley rates will follow as soon as I get the opportunity to include this feature, along with several other features to come.